“Alpha is dedicated to helping his clients achieve their goals–not only by creating tailored routines for you, but also by building a full nutritional programme and a gym schedule for you to achieve maximum results in your own time. in 10 months of training he has helped me become significantly fitter and healthier. His workouts are difficult, but fun! After a long day at work, a session with Alpha always puts me in a great mood and I always look forward to training with him.”



image1 “Alpha has so far imparted on me a wealth of fitness and weight training advice that has me excited and enthused to step up my game in the gym. Alpha’s attention to detail and plethora of tiny bite-sized bits of advice which make him a fantastic PT. Furthermore, I enjoy his energy and dialogue in between sets. I look forward to more sessions  with Alpha.”






 “I came to Alpha with a focus on strength maintenance as I began a career as a paramedic in London. As a shift worker it’s difficult to keep a routine and get to the gym regularly, but Alpha has ensured that my time in the gym is maximised through a tailored PT program with functional exercises that replicate movements that I do day to day in my work. He has also been great modifying certain exercises to work around a pre-existing injury I had.  Alpha has enabled me to maintain my strength levels for work, as well as fight off the Heathrow injection after moving to London from Australia! He is positive and motivating and we always have a good laugh every session!”







“Playing semi pro football for a few years now and Alpha had played a pivotal part during my off – season training. We focused on track work, powerlifting and conditioning to prepare me for my new season. I have moved up three leagues in 3 years and developed agility, power and speed whilst working with him. Highly recommended if you are looking for versatility and sport specific performance.”








“Alpha is a dedicated, enthusiastic and motivating personal trainer. What I liked most about Alpha is that he made me feel at ease immediately, it made me feel as if my friend was training me whilst still keeping me disciplined so that i kept my focus and worked hard. l found that balance particularly impressive and just what I was looking for in my personal trainer. He also gave me excellent diet and fitness plans to follow. I found myself putting on muscle, losing weight and getting fitter straight away. Thank you Alpha!”




“It has been a great experience training with Alpha. He has not only helped me achieve my goals, but we’ve exceeded them. He is strategic in his planning, considered in his phasing and scientific in his thinking. Alpha keeps you motivated because he is always pumped to see you improve with each session. And you are definitely going to have a blast because he’s having fun too. Alpha, you are awesome, thank you!”






hayley“Alpha was the genius that got me ready for my wedding! He put together an amazing countdown training programme towards the big day which seriously challenged me but also left me in the best shape I’ve ever been in. Training varied from sprinting in the park, to working with weights in my tiny back garden; over the months Alpha did a great job at switching the routine to keep my body working at its hardest. He was a fantastic support and I couldn’t have done it with anyone else. Thank you for putting up with my moaning!”




vicky 3

“I have always dreaded the gym, but over the last 7 months Alpha has totally changed that, he has made something which i felt was a chore into something I thoroughly enjoy and I look forward too. He is personable, motivating and passionate about what he does, which is very apparent with his enthusiasm in every session. I now feel stronger, healthier and I am thrilled at what we have achieved the last 7 months- a massive Thank you Alpha!”







lynette 2“Alpha provided me with exceptional one-on-one personal training and nutritional guidance during the two years I lived in London. When I started training with Alpha he completed a full body assessment (weight, fat/muscle ratio, etc.). I trained three days a week / 1 hour sessions. We set goals and met all of them. Although I had previous injuries, Alpha was able to work with them and challenged me in things I didn’t think I was capable of doing. Meeting these challenges helped me not only in dropping some weight and building muscle, but more importantly rebuilding my self-confidence. I would recommend Alpha Cauwenbergh to anyone wanting to consider a personal trainer and someone looking to advance their current health and fitness goals.”



Grace“I’ve been training with Alpha a couple times a week for almost a year now, and I’ve seen great results and recommended him to friends. When I started training with him, I was doing rehab on my knee with a Physical Therapist. I was apprehensive about working with a trainer, as I didn’t want to injure myself. I’d tried another trainer and he was absolutely rubbish… Alpha got in touch with my PT and developed a custom and progressive training plan for me that would help to advance the work I was doing on my knee whilst building my strength & cardio fitness overall. He’s continued to adapt our training to my needs, gives me workout plans for when I’m on holiday, he’s always cheerful and encouraging. I always feel exhausted, but happy when I leave a session with Alpha, even if it’s at an ungodly hour in the morning. But he is an awful singer. Really, really awful. Don’t let him sing at your session. TRUST ME… :-)”


Tash 8

“Alpha gave me the confidence and knowledge to use equipment in the gym that I would normally be too scared to use. He listened to my goals and helped me achieve them by creating a unique training programme and pushed me to give 100%. Training with Alpha is also a lot of fun, he is extremely charismatic and makes you feel at ease. I would highly recommend Alpha to anyone.”







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